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Wine and Beer Menu        
Style Selections

Other Meals

(Not served Family Style)

All meals served below come with choice of two sides and buttermilk biscuits.

(Additional side dish $2.95 each with non-family style meals.)

Fried Chicken (one-half whole chicken) – $10

Country Ham Steak – $11

Roast Beef and Gravy – $11

Sirloin Steak – 8 oz center cut, aged and cut here – $14

Pulled Pork Barbeque – Slow Roasted and smoked overnight in our smoker – $9

Fried Chicken Tenders with honey mustard – $11

Grilled & Marinated Chicken Tenders – $10

Fried Catfish – $11

Spicy Grilled Catfish – $10

Spinach and Tomato Lasagna – $12

Homemade Meatloaf – $9

Chicken and Dumplings  – $8

Three Vegetable Plate (choice of three vegetables) – $7

Big Salad (fresh salad greens with fried
or grilled Chicken Tenders or Catfish) – $9

Kids Meals

Meal includes one side and biscuit.

Drumsticks · Fried Chicken Tenders · Meatloaf  ·Catfish · Spinach Lasagna ·Chicken and Dumplings – $5


Fruit Cobbler · Chocolate Cobbler – $3

Our Outdoor Pavilion is the perfect place for receptions, weddings, reunions, and parties!

“Family Style” means–

  • You share food as you would in your own home.
  • Meats are served on platters and vegetables in bowls.
  • All vegetables on the menu are included.
  • Extra servings of meats and vegetables are included, if
    so desired.
  • You don’t share with the non-family style folks!
Style Meats
Fried Chicken · Country Ham · Roast Beef – Pulled Pork BBQ
All meals come with Fried Chicken and one other meat for $14; three for $15, get all three for $16 per person.
Style Sides
Real Mashed Potatoes · Dumplings · Green Beans ·Pinto Beans · Cole Slaw or Salad · Extra Vegetable or Fruit of the Day · Buttermilk Biscuits(Additional side dish $2.95 each with non-family style meals)
Style Desserts
Homemade Fruit or Chocolate Cobbler
Tea · Lemonade ·
Pepsi · Diet Pepsi ·
Root Beer · Dr. Pepper ·
Mountain Dew · Ginger Ale
· Sierra Mist ·
($1.95 each with non-family style meals.)Any and all of the above items and refills are included
with the Family Style meal! We will be happy to box up original
order leftovers; an additional charge will be added for refills
taken home
Family Style Kids:8 to 11 – $8 · 4 to 7 – $5 ·
Below 4 – Free


Salad Dressings – 1000, Ranch,Fat Free Ranch,Honey Mustard,
Fat Free Honey Mustard, Viniagrette, Oil & Vinegar, French,
and Bleu Cheese

Gratuity is not included: Servers are paid $2.13 per hour. A 15% to 20% tip is customary. If service is poor, let me know. If service is good, leave a good tip. The tip is not included in your bill!
Wine and Beer
Draft Beer
Local and
Seasonal beer – Market Price
House Chardonnay $5.00/glass
Seasonal Selection – Market Price
Our Dog Blue (Floyd County) $19.00/bottle
AmRhein Pinot Grigio (Almost Floyd) $19/bottle

Morrisette Chardonnay (Floyd County) $25/bottle
Sweet Mountain Laurel (Floyd County) $18.00/bottle


House Carbernet  $5.00/glass

Seasonal Selection – Market Price

Black Dog (Floyd County) $19.00/bottle

Am Rhein Petit Verdot $28/bottle

Morrisette Merlot (Floyd County) $25/bottle

Sweet Mountain Laurel – Floyd

Blush – Sutter Home – $5







Expensive American Beer – $4.00

Sierra Nevada

Sam Adams

Local Beers – $5.00



Miller Lite


Bud Lite

Coors Lite

Michelob Ultra